Agilite Gen4 FLUX Helmet Cover


Agilite Gen4 FLUX Helmet Cover


Agilite Gen4 FLUX Helmet Cover

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Introducing the Agilite Gen4 FLUX Helmet Cover. Manufactured from 500D Cordura, this lightweight cover allows you to change the outward appearance of your helmet while providing durable protection against dings or scratches. Additionally, the FLUX Helmet cover is unique in that it provides an integrated, expandable rear pouch. This integral pouch allows you to keep your batteries or counterweights exceptionally secure for a no-rock or shifting that can occur with add on pouches. The top and sides of the helmet Cover feature pile tape sections for attaching IFF markers and other field accessories such as cables and strobes. Made in the Israel by Agilite.


  • Integrated Battery / Counterweight Pouch

  • 500D Cordura construction

  • Pile tape sections for accessory attachment

  • Cable routing slots

  • Mesh for carbon vents

  • Exceptional Fit

  • Multiple colors / patterns

  • Made in Israel

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